WV5H25 | 4 - 20 mA HEATED

Enhanced wind vane sensor with analog output 4-20 mA Heated

WV5H25 | 4 - 20 mA RISCALDATO
Enhanced wind direction sensor with robust design, compact and modern. Manufactured of aluminum and high quality technical plastics. Dust and waterproof, corrosion and UV resistant.
The wind direction sensor WV5H25 has been designed for the use in industrial and domestic applications. Connected to devices such as data acquisition systems, PLCs, displays of analog signals it measures the wind direction, registers it and/or activates predefined alarm levels. Examples of use: irrigation control systems, automation in greenhouses, solar trackers, lifts at ski resorts, cranes, wind turbines, climate and weather stations and so on. To sum up, all applications that contribute to greater control and security in their facilities. The heated version generates 4-20mA output and works from -20 ºC. When the temperature is higher than +6º C, the heater switches itself offvautomatically to reduce the consumption

  • Enhanced wind vane sensor with analog output 4-20 mA.
  • High resistance to radio frequency interferences (RFI) and electromagnets (EMI).
  • Magnetic sensor, unlimited life and no dead zones.
  • Analog output 4-20 mA. Passive output.
  • Power supply: 12-24 Vdc (common 24 Vdc).
  • Made of aluminum and high quality technical plastics.
  • Up to 200 km/h of wind-speed.
  • Easy connecting by connector. 12 or 25 m cable on request.
  • Excellent resistance against impacts, overload, crashes and erosion.
  • No maintenance required.
  • The wind vane should be oriented north and its output signal will correspond to the angles and directions of the table.

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Technical Features

Power Supply WV 5H25 4-20mA
15 - 24 Vdc
Consumption with heater ta >6°C (+-3°C)
Average consumption with heater ta >6°C (+-3°C)<17W
Maximum current
1,2A @ 15V | 1,8A @ 24V
Analog Output
4-20 mA
Starting speed
3 Km/h
Measuring Range
0 ˜ 360°
± 3%
Connectable Load Impedance
Storage TemperatureDa -35°C a +80°C
Operating Temperature (ice free)
Da -20°C a +60°C
200 g appross.
Weight with 20. mt cable included
1300 g. appross.

Dimensions and Wiring

WV5H25 4-20mA Wiring
PIN 2 | 4-20 mA output (+)
PIN 3 | 4-20 mA output (-)Blue
PIN 4 | Heater (+)
PIN 5 | Heater (-)

Wind Vane Orientation

To orientate the wind vane to the NORTH, align it NORTH with the edge of the base as it is indicated on the label. The wind vane should be oriented NORTH and its output signal will correspond to the angles and directions of the table.


  • IP65 (UNE 20324:1993)

  • EN 61000-6-2:2001
  • EN 55022:2001, Class B


  • Up to 200 km/h wind speed
  • Output: Analog = 4-20 mA (see table below)

Chart relating Wind direction - analog output 

Direction Angle (°) Analog Output
North 0.0 4 mA
North-Northeast 22.5 mA
Northeast 45.0 mA
East-Northeast 67.5 mA
East 90.0 mA
East-Southeast 112.5 mA
Southeast 135.0 10 mA
South-Southeast 157.5 11 mA
South 180.0 12 mA
South-Southwest 202.5 13 mA
Southwest 225.0 14 mA
West-Southwest 247.5 15 mA
West 270.0 16 mA
West-Northwest 292.5 17 mA
Northwest 315.0 18 mA
North-Northwest 337.5 19 mA
Static Wind If the wind speed is lower or equal than 3km/h the angle will be uncertain

Stainless Steel Bracket

The stainless steel bracket is an optional item. The simple shape simplifies the installation and anchor of anemometer

Open Slot

At the bottom, an open slot facilitates the pre-wired for cable entry
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