Small Control Unit


The control unit WM44-SS, is a tool of high accuracy with 2 programmable alarm thresholds. Particularly suitable for the use in combination with the sensor or ANEMO4403 SAG105WR, it is nevertheless compatible with a wide range of sensors for rotary motion. It has 2 thresholds programmable relays (ALARM 1 and ALARM 2).

The device can be easily installed on instrument panels, cabinet doors and various types of industrial enclosures.

Visual Display

Visual Display
  • 2-digit display (height 20 mm)
  • 2 LED indicators status alarms (AL1 and AL2)
  • Indicator of units (Km / h or Mph)
  • Automatic deactivation of the relay under the threshold level
  • Signalling by flashing display of intervention AL2
  • Selecting the mode for the alarm (intermittent, continuous, considered)
  • Possibility of inversion of the output relay contacts
  • Technical Features
  • Standards
  • Optional Items
  • Pre-assembled Equipment
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Main Features

  • Available power supply: 24 Vac
  • Current consumption equal/less than 3 VA
  • Signal imput frequency from 1 to 750Hz - from 5 to 35 Vcc or from 4 to 24Vca.
  • Voltage signal input 5 - 35 Vdc +-10%
  • Impedance input sensor ANEMO4403 or Namur: 1000 Ω
  • Power supply output voltage sensor 10 or 20 Vcc (+-10%)
  • 2 thresholds programmable relay
  • Relay contacts 4 A - 250 Vac
  • Operating Temperature -20°C +70°C
  • Accuracy at 100 Hz +- 1%
  • Maximum measurable speed 99 Km/h - 61 mph
  • Weight 110 g

Wiring Diagram

Standard model diagram.

Overall Size

Hole Insertion.

EC Regulations

  • IP50

  • EN 61000-6-2:2001
  • EN 55022:2001, Class B

Protective Screen

IP65 with protective glass cover.

Plastic Box


External Enclosure in Stainless Steel

As a container for optional external enclosure is available in stainless steel with transparent porthole that allows to see the internal display.


On request, are available pre-assembled equipments for crane consists of:

  • Anemometer SAG105WR with output pulse or ANEMO4403 or ANTC-V1
  • Schneider Electric alarm beacon
  • Magnet for a rapid fix of the component
  • Lenght of cable need to be requested
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