Industrial Anemometers

  • ANTC


  • ANSC


Anemometer Tech Control Series (ANTC) and Anemometer Safety Control Series (ANSC), are both for industrial applications that requires reliability and versatility.

They are first distinguished by their basic structure. The ANTC are built in aluminum with rotating rotor on high performance micro ball bearings. Cups are easy removable, interchangeable, anti-collision and resistant to extremes temperature (from -40°C to +90°C).

Available in different electronics executions, which allows for its use for measurement in frequency (pulse), voltage (5 or 10 Vdc scale), in current (4-20mA).

The maximum speed that ANTC Anemometers can measure is 200km/h equal to 55 meter/second. However, they can also be calibrated for lower full scale. Suitable for any application as well as on Aereogenerators, they are the perfect tool for a reliable and long-lasting job.

Anemometer Safety Control Series (ANSC) have a plastic shockproof cover. Available in the same types of the ANTC output signal, they complete the range as “low cost” products suitable for less demanding applications in measurement accuracy. They are particularly used for wind speed check like alarm indicators.

Both the series can be combined with all the displaying and monitoring accessories and alarms.

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