Radio Remote Control

Industrial radio remote controls: security, control and reliability.

  • Saga Radio Remote Control

    Saga Radio Remote Control

  • Radiocomandi SRR4

    Radiocomandi SRR4

  • M880 Radio Remote Control

    M880 Radio Remote Control

  • JUUKO Remote Controls

    JUUKO Remote Controls

The ideal radio remote control for every need.

The wide range of series and models allows us to satisfy every kind of application, depending on the technical and economic needs, while maintaining an high quality.

SAGA RADIO offers a wide range of products, from SAGA V6, ideal for “mobile” mounted on self-propelled vehicles, to control auxiliary functions such as self-rescue, hook, vehicles for ecological harvest, commanded platforms, etc.. it can also be used in the industrial application on board of production machinery, automatic warehouses for logistic, compactable warehouses. SAGA-L4/6/8 and SAGA L6B/L8B are successfully employed in the agricultural and the wine industry for the remote control of peristaltic pumps, and in the forest industry to control winches mounted on tractors.
SAGA-L10-L12-L40 are quartz one-channel frequency, and are the ideal solution for simple lifting equipment. For applications which need additional security, SAGA-K, certified in Category 4, become the best tool for radio control of self-erecting construction cranes, tower crane, bridge cranes and gantry cranes.

SRR4 Radio Remote Control is the best solution for automation applications where bidirectional radio transmission of a restricted number of commands require a low economic impact.

M880 Series is the top of the range, every request is designed in radio controlled standard equipment or specially made to measure design for the costumer, with various function push-buttons, joystick, switch, digital outputs ON/OFF, analogic, PWM, CANBUS, data feed back.


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