Plastic Rotating Anemometer with Reed contact


ANEMO4403 RELAY-ALARM is a wind speed sensor equipped with a relay output that is activate when the wind reaches a preconfigurated speed.

ANEMO4403 RELAY-ALARM has been designed to be used in industrial applications:

  • Cranes
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Weather stations
  • Greenhouse
  • Irrigation systems

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Mechanical Features

The anemometer consists of a plastic rotor impact-resistant and to UV rays, at low temperatures and hail.

Rotating on ball bearings, drives a magnetic contact, generating 4 pulses per revolution.

  • Material PA+FV
  • Bearings Stainless steel X65Cr13
  • Connection type 20m cable (4x0,75 mm2)
  • Weight 150g (without cable)
  • Storage temperature -35°C +80°C
  • Working Temperature -20°C +70°C

Electrical Features

Maximum speed for the mechanics  up to 200 km/h. Output activation: After a second of wind speed over the set value. Output deactivation: Wind speed 1km/h below the set value. Minimum duration of the output pulse: 5 seconds. The output is not latched

  • Power supply 12...24 Vdc
  • Maximum power consuption <1W
  • Output type relay contact (NO dry contact)
  • Contact type 8A 250 Vac
  • Range 3-200 Km/h
  • Starting speed 8 Km/h
  • Accuracy 1 Km/h (3-15 km/h) 3% (15-180 Km/h)


  • IP65 (UNE 20324:1993)
  • IP54 (UNE 20324:1993)

  • EN 61000-6-2:2001
  • EN 55022:2001 Class B

Stainless Steel Bracket

The stainless steel bracket is an optional item. The simple shape simplifies the installation and anchor of anemometer.

Open Slot

At the bottom, an open slot facilitates the pre-wired for cable entry.
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