ANEMO4403 | 4 - 20 mA

Anemometer for industrial application

Plastic Rotating Anemometer with Reed contact

Anemometro industriale

A simple, reliable and robust for heavy use in industrial environments. The special shock-resistant materials used in the construction of the rotor and the use of special bearings, give this speed sensor unique characteristics of great mechanical strength and high accuracy in the detection of wind speed.

The Anemometer ANEMO 4403 has been specifically designed for industrial applications such as: 

  • Cranes and Mobile Cranes
  • Buildings and general structures
  • Photovoltaic solar trackers
  • Weather Stations
  • Irrigation systems
  • Automated greenhouses
  • Cable cars for ski plants
  • Cannons snow
  • Telescopic cranes
  • Platforms self-mounting
  • Structures for playgrounds
  • Ornamental fountains
  • Pressostatic structures
  • Highway tunnels and viaducts

It can be connected through the various outputs available depending on the model directly to PLC and / or board electronic market, tachometers WM44P as the model of our product range.

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Mechanical Features

The anemometer consists of a plastic rotor impact-resistant and to UV rays, at low temperatures and hail.

Rotating on ball bearings, drives a magnetic contact, generating 4 pulses per revolution.

  • Dimensions shown in the following drawing
  • Weight 150 g without cable connection
  • Measuring range from 2 to 200 km/h
  • Accuracy ± 2%
  • Linearity ± 2%
  • Ripetibility 0,5%

Electrical Features

 Model Input / Output Operations  Chart

Model with connector



Model 120km/h up to 120 km/h of the wind.
Model 180km/h up to 180 km/h of the wind.

With a power supply of 12 Vdc the maximum load is 275 ohm.
With a power supply of 24 Vdc the maximum load is 560 ohm.
Output: analogic proportional 4-20 mA


Relation Wind speed / Output.
The output current is proportional to the wind speed.

Model F.S. 120km/h
Wind speed
= 0Km/h->Output Anemo4403 = 4 mA.
Wind speed = 120Km/h->Output Anemo4403 = 20 mA

Model F.S. 180km/h
Wind speed = 0Km/h->Output Anemo4403 = 4 mA.
Wind speed = 180Km/h->Output Anemo4403 = 20 mA


Items ANEMO4403_12/24mA_120 ANEMO4403_12/24mA_180
Power Supply from 12 to 30 Vdc From 12 to 30 Vdc
Signal Output Current 4-20mA Current 4-20mA
Current/consumption Less than 2,5W Less than  2,5W
Electrical Measuring Range 2-120km/h 2-180km/h
Load impedance recommended  At 12 Vdc of 200 ohm
At 24 Vdc of 800 ohm
At 12 Vdc of 200 ohm
At 24 Vdc of 800 ohm
Connector YES YES
Cable Normal PVC 2 pole 0,5 / 1sq mm Normal PVC 2 pole 0,5 / 1sq mm



  • IP65 UNE20324:1993


  • IEEE 802.15.4 ISM 2,4 GHz


  • EN 61000-6-2:2001
  • EN 55022:2001, CLASS B


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Stainless Steel Bracket

The stainless steel bracket is an optional item. The simple shape simplifies the installation and anchor of anemometer

Open Slot

At the bottom, an open slot facilitates the pre-wired for cable entry.

Polycarbonate Box

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