Rotary limit switches

Rotary limit switches

  • Camme Limit Switch

    Camme Limit Switch

  • Camme Limit Switch - CE - UL/CSA

    Camme Limit Switch - CE - UL/CSA

Position electrical contact for machines and/or moving mechanical parts.

The rotary limit switch is a device suitable for all the industrial applications where you need to control the motion or the change of position of moving mechanical parts, determining one or more specific placement through an electrical contact.

This happens thanks to the internal cams, which while rotating the main shaft, activate the electrical contacts. There is a reduction ratio between the revolutions of the main shafts and the internal cams switch. This ratio is determined by counting the revolutions of the adapter on which will be aplly the limit switch, during its operation from the starting point to the end point of the movement which is to be determined.

The wide range of the reduction ratios available in our series, make every applications needs satisfied.

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