SAGA V6-4 Radio Remote Control

A new pocket size remote control for the functions control on automotive vehicles - RADIO PLL TRANSMISSION

Saga V6-4 is the new pocket-size Radio Handheld Series SAGA to manage the various applications of radio controls on self-propelled vehicles.

It is in fact designed to be installed in trucks and / or equipment for the industry where it is necessary to control certain functions by radio control.

It is used especially in the industrial sectors for the manufacture of:

  • Hook
  • Self-rescue
  • Platforms
  • Automated platforms
  • Trolleys towing DC
  • Crawler tracks for agricultural use

Protection bumper

Protection bumper
The transmitter is equipped with a protective bumper and thanks to its extremely small size it makes it easy to pocket, so you can always have it safe with you. The product works with 2 AA 1.5 VDC batteries, guaranteeing a continuous transmission duration (button pressed) of up to 150 hours.

Compact Receiver

Model SAGA V6-4 receiver is extremely compact and easly to mount thanks to their fixing holes situated in vertical position.
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Main Features

  • Multifrequency PLL radio with 3 systems settings: fixed frequency, LBT, ACS
  • Frequency from 869,700 to 870,000 Mhz
  • Operating temperature -40 ° +85 ° C
  • Range up to 100 meters in open field
  • 32 bit ID code
  • CRC error correction method with "cyclic redundancy check"
  • IP65

Transmitter Technical Features

  • H x W x D = 79 x 46 x 24 mm
  • Weight = 57 g (without batteries)
  • IP66
  • Power Supply 2 x AA 1.5 Vdc
  • Transmission power is adjustable in 3 levels = 1 mW - 3.2 mW - 10 mW
  • Maximum current consumption 30 mA
  • Consumption in "standby" 1.5 micro A
  • Security control buttons down
  • Power battery level LED indicator

Receiver Technical Features

  • H x W x D = 130 x 146 x 64 mm
  • Weight = 490 g
  • IP66
  • Power supply 10-42 Vdc
  • Consumption to 24 Vdc 24 mA in standby + 50 mA for each relay activated
  • 1 relay stop
  • 8 control relay contact N.O.
  • Relay contacts rated at 16 Vdc 20 A
  • Voltage isolation 15 KV

EC Regulations

  • Safety - EN 60950-1
  • EMC - EN 301 489/01 - EN 301 489/3
  • Radio - EN 300 220-1 - EN 300 220-2

    Global Approvals:
    • - R&TTE

    Protective Cover

    Protective silicone rubber cover, to prevent damage from hit and falls

    Strap with Hook

    Practical strap with safety hook for belt or shoulder strap applications

    Wiring Cable

    The receivers are already equipped with a numbered wiring cable corresponding to each function.

    Programming Cable

    To program the radio remote control, all you need is the software and USB programming cable, possible to order them with the remote control kit.

    Battery Charger

    • 230 V
    • Complete with 2 set of 2100mA rechargeable batteries.

    Multi Function Battery Charger

    • 230 V
    • 12/24 V
    • Complete with plug for car, USB plug and 2 set of 2400mA rechargeable batteries.

    Programming Software

    Each remote control can be customized in its operations through a practical and useful programming interface Software.

    Product Identification

    Once you're connected to transmitter unit via the USB cable, you can view the most important information concerning the serial number, the date of  entry field on the market, the frequency and certain rules of programming that are:

    • Type of operation Radio (single channel, automatic channel selection free)

    • Output power of low, medium, high

    • Group rate (from 1 to 10 in accordance with the regulations in the state where you install the remote control)

    • How to Start a single button or two-button security

    • Setting the Password

    • Delay setting to switch

    • Auto power off

    • Setting the time Emergency passive

    Programming Functions / Relay

    Each button can be programmed to traditional on / off monostable or on / off toggle, on / off coupled with 2 buttons, multi output time setting to activation and deactivation.

    You can also tie and untie the operation of the control buttons stop button main

    Select the Interlocks

    In this section you select the mode 's interlocking between the couple buttons and the time duration of interlock at the end of the pressure button.

    User's Information

    Each product can then be combined with a data sheet with all necessary data concerning the notes of master data and technical information on application running.

    Remote connection control with PC

    To be able to program, all you need is the software (free) to be requested by filling in the contact card and USB programming cable (optional), to be ordered with the kit remote control.

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