Saga Radio Remote Control

Saga radio remote control

  • SAGA V6

    SAGA V6

  • SAGA V6-4

    SAGA V6-4

  • L4 - L6 - L8

    L4 - L6 - L8

  • L6B - L8B

    L6B - L8B

  • L10


  • L12


  • K2-8


  • K3 - K4

    K3 - K4

  • L40-N


SAGA Radio Remote control are mainly produced with ON/OFF outputs, transmitter units with push-buttons and joystick. They are split into two braod categories: Radio Quartz mono channel and multi-frequency PLL Radio. Multi-frequency PLL Radio models are also Cat.4 safety (SAGA-K Series).

The products are for "Mobile Control" (SAGA V6), "Easy Control" (SAGA L4/L6/L8 - L6B/L8B), "Crane Control" (SAGA L10-L12-L40), and "Safety Control" (SAGA K1-K2-K3-K4).

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