Safety 7-8 pushbuttons Radio Remote Control SAGA K2 - K2-8

Redundant controls in double transmission, high quality level cat. 4 - PLL RADIO TRANSMISSION

Industrial Radio Remote Control PLL multifrequency 70 channels

  • Emergency stop circuit in compliance with safety category 4 “stop & control” EN ISO 13849-1
  • Redundant system with double CPU and watchdog control associated with each processor
  • Jammed button detection
  • Remote pairing of a new transmitter with a previously installed receiver
  • Multi-operator “firstcome, first serve operation”
  • Pitch & catch function to allow for transfer of operator control
  • Emission power adjustable by software
  • Interference detection system with automatic retuning
  • Special control function for operation of material handling magnets
  • Receiver built-in horn (alarm)


Transmitter Models

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General Features

  • Frequency FM 433.0825/433.6875 Mhz
  • Radio 70-channel PLL radio module
  • Operating Temperature -45° +85°
  • Operating Distance 100 m
  • Hamming Distance > 4
  • ID Code Over 1 million sets
  • Channel Spacing 25 KHZ
  • Enclosures IP65 glass reinforced nylon

Transmitter Technical Features

  • L x W x H =163x49x45 mm
  • Weight: 210 g (without batteries)
  • Power Supply 4 AA size batteries
  • Output power < 10 mW
  • Max current consumption 30mA
  • Standby current less than 1µA
  • Jammed button detection
  • Low battery indicator
  • Start key switch & stop mushroom button

Receiver Technical Features

  • L x W x H = 167x154x88 mm
  • Weight: 2100 g (without cable)
  • Power Supply 12/24 Vac/dc – 24/42/230 Vac 48/110/220 Vac – 48/220/380 Vac
  • Current consumption at 24Vac/dc: 58mA in standby mode – 172mA with start relay activated + 18mA more for each realy
  • Output contacts 250 Vac – 5A
  • Remote antenna
  • IP65
  • Pre-wired cable
  • Glass fiber and ABS

EC Regulations

  • Safety - EN/IEC 60950-1 EN60204/32
  • EMC - EN 301 489/01 - 03
  • Radio - EN 300 220/3
  • Directives - 73/72/CEE-93/68CEE-89/336/CEE

World Approvals
  • F.C.C.
  • RSS210
  • R&TTE
  • L.V.D.

Receiver Fixing and Wiring Cable

Standard equipment with 4 shock absorber mount

Standard connection cable wired

Cover and Strap

Standard provided with a practical case belt clip.

A handy wrist strap for added security while using.


Standard interchangeable serigraph.


Remote Type Antenna

Antenna is easily remotable with BCN connector.

Multi Function Battery charger

  • 230 V
  • 12/24 V

Complete with plug for car, USB plug and 2 set of 2400mA rechargeable batteries.

Standard Battery Charger

  • 230 VComplete
  • with 2 set of 2400mA rechargeable batteries.


Cable to remotely locate the antenna when the receiver is installed inside a control cabinet.

Dipole antenna to increase the reception up to 150m in open field.



It's available a copier to make a quick copy of the program and a programming software for special functions which can be accessed via USB port and a Pc with Windows System.

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