Power Transmission Slip Rings

Power transmission with endless rotation.

The slip rings or collectors, are essential for the power transmission form a fixed mechanic point to a rotating point above it.
Image we have to supply with current and tension an electric motor (or other devices), located in movable part of the machinery, which rotate on itself infinitely. The slip rings allows you to do this.
Its function is to transmit the current from a terminal board placed on a copper-rings stator, which will be conducted through the sliding brushes on the rings (blade brushes or in copper-graphite) to the slewing rotor which have a terminal connection board.

The different types of slip rings differ in their mechanical details, which adapt them in different ways to different applications. They are mostly use in: cranes, bridge cranes, water treatment industry, wind turbines, industrial amusement, construction cranes, truck cranes, harbor cranes, machines for packaging industry, bottling, agricultural, silos, marble processing.

  • The slip rings standard production goes from 4 to 50 rings .

  • Current range from 20 to 200 A - 660 Vac.

  • Low voltage signals

  • Open, protected, watertight.

  • ATEX Standards.

  • With application of position sensor.

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