Aluminum slip rings PME series

Designed and manufactured to be applied in extremely heavy conditions, Ravioli Slip Ring Type PME Evolution is provided with aluminium bottom and cover, whilst the central core of the device is realised with a special insulating thermoplastic material which combines a high modular versatility together with limited hight of the device, maintaining intact both the elevated mechanical resistance and the high protection degree.

Copper-graphite, silver-graphite or touch system contact brushes for signals are available, executions range from 6 to 60 rings 20/50/100 A. Protection degree IP65, optional angular sensors are available upon request.
Ravioli Slip Rings Type PME Evolution are a perfect mix of heigh resistance to mechanical stress, multiplicity of single and combined versions, reduced hight and dimensions, high voltages.

A large number of optional accessories, encoders, sensors and air passages are available upon request.

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Main Features

  • Housing In aluminium with insulating thermoplastic band
  • Positioning Vertical axis, assembly on the base plate by means of 2 screws M10
  • Connections Rings wired with 2 m. long cable
  • Cable entry With single-pole wires connected to the rings and through pipe unions M32 to the brush-holders
  • Brushes 20 A, 50 A and 100 A in copper-graphite
  • Executions From 20 to 60 rings 20 A - mixed executions 20/50/100 A
  • Armonized rules EN 60947-1 EN 60529 2006/95CE - 2004/108/CE - 2006/42/CE Directives
  • Marking CE

Electrical Features

  • Rated Voltage 660 V ac - dc
  • Rated Current Ith 20 A - 30 A - 50 A
  • Degree protection IP 65
  • Maximum speed 30 rpm
  • Test Voltage 2,5 kV
  • Operating Temperature - 20 °C + 60 °C


  • 2014/35/UE
  • 2014/30/UE
  • 2006/42/CE
  • RoHS 2011/65/UE

  • CEI EN 60947-1
  • CEI EN 60529

Standard Executions

20 A
Items No. Rings H-mm
G PME B20 20 175
G PME B30 30 229
G PME B40 40 283
G PME B50 50 337
G PME B60 60 391
Availability on demand:
  • Mixed executions with 100 A, 50 A and 20 A
  • Types with appropriate rings for signals

It is also possible to apply:
  • Mercotac
  • Absolute Encoder
  • Micro-contact
  • Step Air
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