SRR4 Radio Control

4 bidirectional channel Radio Remote Control SRR4

The best solutions for the transmission of signals between electrical panels. PLL Radio Transmission

Radiocomandi SRR4

SRR4 Remote control

The Radio Control SRR4 has been specifically designed for industrial applications where it is not possible to make a connection through the cable or the distance between the equipment that must interact with each other and it constitutes an excessive use of labor work for laying cables.

With the devices SRR4 is possible to perform the transmission of signals through relay contacts in input and in output from both sides up to 4 channels.

Once powered, the 2 units are coupled automatically by activating its own continuous transmission security (TX continues just on SRR4 868) and a green LED located on the front, which, lighting, determines proper operation.

From this time forward, the closure of one or more inputs on a device SRR4 with their common, activate the output to a relay contact in the corresponding unit SRR4 coupled.

In a situation of radio interference, excessive increase in the operating range of the devices, or simply loss of power on the part of one of the 2 units, you will have the decoupling of the units that will shut down the green LED and red LED error. In SRR4 device 868 will also disable all signals with the fall of the output relays active.

Main functions

Main functions
  • Pair of devices with 4 inputs and 4 relay outputs cross-referenced
  • Industrial Communication for RF 802.15.4 - 2.4 GHz band - free worldwide
  • Also available in 868 MHz technology LBT + AFA with external antenna
  • Size 96x48 mm panel mounting
  • “Plug & Play”


  • 1 red LED indicator power presence
  • 1 red LED indicator communication error
  • 1 green LED indicator of communication OK
  • 4 green LED indicators for input activation
  • 4 red LED indicators of output activation
  • Technical Features
  • Standards
  • Accessories
  • Optional Items
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Main Features

Installation type 2.4 GHz Model (internal antenna) 868 MHz Model (external antenna)
Internal installation 60 meters 60/150 meters (in function of the shield)
External installation 750 meters

1 km

Electrical Features

  2.4 GHz Model (internal antenna) 868 MHz Model (external antenna)
Power Supply 230 Vac - 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 3,5 VA Max
Frequency communication

IEEE 802.15.4 ISM 2.4 GHz

TX RF: 10 mW – 10 dBm

RX sensib.: -100 dBM

Banda 863-870 MHz, tecnologia LBT+AFA

TX RF: 16 mW – 12 dBm

RX sensib.: -101 dBM

Input Status Indicator 4 Green LED 
Output Status Indicator 4 Red LED
Other Status Indicator

1 Green LED communication OK

1 red LED communication error

1 red LED power supply OK

Delay Response Signal 150 m/sec
Relay Contact 4A - 250 Vac

Mechanical Features

Storage Temperature -35°C +70°C
Operating Temperature -20°C +70°C
IP Degree Protection IP50
Weight 0,35Kg


Screw terminal connector

Wiring Diagram


  • Protection - IP20 IEC 68-2-3 & IEC 68-2-27
  • Shock - IEC 68-2-27
  • Vibration - IEC 68-2-6
  • RF Communication - Band IEEE 802.15.4 ISM 2.4GHz
  • RF Communication - Band 863-870MHz, with technology LBT + AFA

Screw Terminal Connector

The device connection take place through practical numbered connector with terminal screw

Support Spring

The panel fixing is easier with a support spring placed in the back of the panel

Protective Screen

IP65 protection glass with door

Front Antenna

SRR4 868 MHz Model has a front adjustable antenna

Magnetic Antenna with Cable

For applications in metallic electical panels, the antenna with cable is available only for SRR4 868 MHz Model

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