Rotary Camme Limit Switch


Rotary limit switch used to control and measure the movement of industrial machines or the position of the nacelle or pitch angle of wind turbines.

Oscar offers the flexibility of two different outputs with different revolution ratios and the possibility of installing different movement detection devices.

  • It consists of a gear motor that transfers movement to the cams and the other movement detection devices through a primary input reduction stage (worm gear and helical toothed gear) and one or more secondary output stages.
  • Accurate adjustment of cams by means of screws.
  • Positive opening NC contacts for safety functions.
  • Mechanical life of switches: up to 10 million operations.
  • IP protection degree: Oscar is classified IP66, IP67 and IP69K.
  • NEMA protection degree: Oscar is classified Type 4X*.
  • Extreme temperature resistance: -53°C to +80°C.
  • It features transmission and gear driving shafts made of stainless steel AISI 430F or AISI 303, worm gear transmission shaft rotating on ball bearings, self-lubricating technopolymer gears and driving bushes, technopolymer base and cover.
  • All materials and components used are wear resistant and guarantee protection of the unit against water and dust.

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Main Features

  • Regulations for the prevention of accidents BGV C 1 (only for Germany)
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 14-13
  • UL 508
  • Storage ambient temperature: -53°C/+80°C
  • Operational ambient temperature: -53°C/+80°C
  • NEMA Protection degree: Type 4X*
  • Insulation category: Class II
  • Maximum rotation speed:800 rev./min (Output 1 >1:22, Output 2 >1:22 or =1:1)200 rev./min (Output 1 ≤1:22, Output 2 ≤1:22 or =1:1)
  • Cable entry: cable clamp M20 - M16 (8 max)
  • HALT test (data available on request)


  • 2014/35/UE
  • 2006/42/CE

  • EN 60204-1
  • EN 60204-32
  • EN 60947-1
  • EN 60947-5-1
  • EN 60529
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No14-13
  • UL 508
  • IEC 61508:2010 Part 2-4-6-7

  • IP 66
  • IP 67
  • IP 69K
  • IP 66 / IP 67 (version with cover rise)

NEMA Protection:
  • Type 4X*

  • Regolamento per la prevenzione degli infortuni BGV C 1 (only for Germany)
  • Marcature e omologazioniCE cULus* SIL 1* EAC


  • Utilisation category: AC 15 / 250 Vac / 3 A
  • Rated thermal current: 10 A
  • Rated insulation voltage: 300 Vac
  • Mechanical life: 10x106 operations
  • Connections: screw-type terminals
  • Markings and homologations: CE EAC cULus


  • Revolution ratios from 1:1 to 1:1550, achieved by combining different secondary output stages.
  • Each of the two outputs can be set to a different revolution ratio to enable diversified control of the machine when special requirements need to be met.
  • Snap action switches with 1NO+1NC change-over contacts or slow action switches with 1 NC contact.
  • It can be equipped with 2 cam sets (with up to 10 switches), potentiometers and encoders (alone or on top of cam sets with up to 2 switches) and Yankee absolute encoders (on top of cam sets with up to 3 switches).
  • XL version featuring cover rise available with 2 cam sets (with up to 12 switches), potentiometers and encoders (alone or on top of cam sets with up to 5 switches) and Yankee absolute encoders (on top of cam sets with up to 6 switches).
  • Dedicated cable clamps or connectors.
  • Available with anti-moisture plug fitted to the base by means of a lock nut, to improve transpiration for the limit switch whilst maintaining protection against water
  • Available with flanges, pinions and couplings.
  • Plates with universal adapter to replace existing systems.

Safety Increased

  • LIMA is designed to be integrated in equipments complying with the standard ISO 13849 on control system safety rules.
  • LIMA can be connected to a control unit or to a PLC to control the rotation of the limit switch shaft (and thus of the equipments connected to it).
  • LIMA has two separate detection systems, without direct contact, using different technologies to ensure control redundancy.
  • LIMA allows two detection systems to be wired by using two separate cables, through a 8-pin terminal board.
  • Sensor connection: self-lifting screw terminal board - 8 PIN (4 for each sensor).
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