Sesam Radio Remote Control

The Sesam 800 Remote Control series designed to guarantee great flexibility

The Sesam 800 Remote Control Series are designed to provide the flexibility. Reliability, ruggedness and ease-of-use required for applications in demanding industrial environments.

The Sesam 800 has various usage areas like remote control of doors, gates, barriers, fans, floodlights, and more. It is robust, flexible, straightforward, and uses modern digital technology.

The Sesam 800 system utilizes the 869MHz frequency band. The system is based on a two-way radio technology which allows for a relay feedback indicator on the transmitter. A green light indicates an active relay. The system is based on 16.7 million unique codes with a guarantee that there will never be two identical transmitters on the market. Checksums ensure an error-free message transmission.

For applications with extra high security requirements, the receiver can be configured to use encrypted authentication.



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