Joystick Remote Control - ZEUS M4 - M6


Data Feed Back: Information for your safety

All families of M550 series remote controls can be enhanced by the option-data feedback to allow the display of alphanumeric LCD, LED or through, parameters and messages from sensors installed on the machine (load cells, distance the trolley from the tower, lifting cable length, wind speed, etc.).


display grafico radiocomando

New Graphic Display

Backlit with a resolution of 128x64 pixels, can display images, logos, text, menus, etc..

Serial connection cable

The transmitting units of families ZEUS and THOR can be equipped with an outlet for the serial connection to the receiver. The direct cable connection excludes the transmission by radio, this overcoming any problems related to signal noise or use of the product in areas where it is not permitted radiofrequency or exhaustion of the battery.
seriale radiocomando

M550 Transponder

The transponder of the series M550 has been developed to overcome the obstacles critical for the radio transmission between the operator and the receiver installed on board the machine. It can also be adapted to solve the cases where requests are taken out of the ordinary.

M550 transponder Under normal conditions, the coverage is about 100m but the presence of metal or reinforced concrete walls and terrain, can greatly reduce the radio link to its discontinuation. Typically, may be subject to these problems the users of machines by purging, the crane operators and users of machines for use stranger. The compact size and IP65 with battery power, allow a fast and easy positioning of the transponder at the point of greatest efficiency. It can be combined with all the M550 systems through a simple tuning procedure. The radio control system can be shown to work as easily in the basic configuration with only the transmitter and receiver.


The scope of supply includes: a transponder M550TPDR, a battery charger, two batteries removable rechargeable Ni-MH, a user manual, CE declaration.



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